Freshmen English Resources

Class Syllabus


Recommended Readings

Last Semester’s Most Popular Books (PowerPoint)

Poetry (2015)

Understanding Poetry (YouTube)

Why Do We Read Poetry? (YouTube)

Seize the Day! (YouTube)

Metaphor and Simile TedEd Video

Metaphor and Simile Activity Sheet

Couplets and Quatrains Activity Sheet

Sensory Language and Imagery Activity Sheet

Batman Teaches Onomatopoeia (YouTube)

Onomatopoeia Activity Sheet

Alliteration, Assonance, and Consonance Activity Sheet

Concrete Poetry PowerPoint

Personification Activity Sheet

Open Mic Poetry Reading Project

The Odyssey Unit (2015)

Greek Gods PowerPoint

Match the God Activity Sheet

Monsters of The Odyssey PowerPoint

An Overview of The Odyssey PowerPoint

The Odyssey Overview PowerPoint Worksheet

Model and Myth Project

Model and Myth Project Graphic Organizer

Odyssey Reading Assessment 1

Create a Cyclops Scene

Land of the Dead

Travel Poster Activity

Odysseus Troubles Pg. 975-987

Odyssey Part 2 Activity Sheet 1009-1017

Odyssey Film Study Day 1

Odyssey Film Study Day 2

Odyssey Film Study Day 3

Odyssey Film Study Day 4 – Character Map

Unit Writing Exam Graphic Organizer

Veterans and PTSD Video

Odysseus in America Book Excerpt

Odysseus in America Book Excerpt Essay Graphic Organizer

Odysseus in America Analytical Reading Assessment #3

Graphic Novel Unit (2015)

Teaching American Born Chinese Weebly Website

Teaching American Born Chinese Blogspot Website (Includes Standards)

ReadWriteThink Comic Strip Generator

Marvel Comics Create Your OwGran Comic Book

ToonDoo Comic Book Maker

DC Comics Create Your Own Heroes and Villains

Chogger Comic Book Maker

Scholastic Graphix Comic Maker

history-of-graphic-novel fall 2016

History of the Graphic Novel Activity Sheet

Manufacturing and Influential Graphic Novels – PowerPoint

Graphic Novel Manufacturing II-PowePoint

Manufacturing the Graphic Novel PPT Activity Sheet

Scott McCloud’s Ted Talk Video On Comics

PBS Video About Comic Book History

Gene Luen Yang Homepage

Origins of American Born Chinese – Part 1

Origins of American Born Chinese – Part 2

Origins of American Born Chinese – Part 3

The Monkey King Movie Trailer

The Legend Of the Monkey King – PowerPoint

Monkey King PowerPoint Activity Sheet

Monkey King Website

Monkey King Simple Video Game

Breakfast At Tiffany’s YouTube Clip (Inspiration for Chin-Kee?)

Chinese Immigration In the United States Information 

Teaching Tolerance Article

Timeline of Important Events

American Born Chinese Activity Sheets pages 7-20

Jin Wang Graphic Organizer

American Born Chinese Activity Sheet pages 55-84

Our America (2015)

Our America Wiki Lesson Plan Site

Chicago Crime Statistics (Chicago Tribune)

Ghetto Life: 101

Ghetto Life 101 Transcript

Remorse: The 14 Stories Of Eric Morse (Radio Show)

Remorse: The 14 Stories Of Eric Morse Transcript

Ida B. Wells Informative Site

Ida B. Wells Overview (PowerPoint)

Ida B. Wells Overview Activity Sheet

Introduction Pages 17-26 Activity Sheet

pgs. 29-45 Activity Sheet

pgs. 47-64 Activity Sheet

pgs. 65-81 Activity Sheet

pgs. 83-120 Activity Sheet

pgs. 121-141 Activity Sheet

pgs. 143-155 Activity Sheet

pgs. 156-171 Activity Sheet

pgs. 172-185 Activity Sheet

pgs. 187-201 Activity Sheet

Unit Writing Exam GO

Narrative Research Paper Graphic Organizer

Narrative Research Paper


The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (2016)

Audio Version

Shakespeare and the Movies PowerPoint

William Shakespeare Background PowerPoint

Shakespeare’s Theatre PowerPoint

Shakespeare Background PowerPoint Graphic Organizer

John Green Discusses Romeo and Juliet (YouTube)

Juliet Montague Traits Graphic Organizer

Romeo Montague Traits Graphic Organizer

Film Study: Love or Not Classic Film Graphic Organizer

Film Study: Love or Not Modern Film Graphic Organizer

Balcony Scene Classic Film Study Graphic Organizer

Modern Balcony Film Study Graphic Organizer

Modern Movie Vs. Classic Movie Graphic Organizer

Act III Cause and Effect GO

Tybalt/Mercutio Fight Scene Both Films Graphic Organizer

Act IV Graphic Organizer

Unit Essay Exam Graphic Organizer

Research Project Sample PPT

Research Project Guidelines

Of Mice and Men (2016)

The Complete Novel (Online)



The New Deal Video

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Video

Dorothea Lange – An American Odyssey Video

Dorothea Lang Video Study

Film Study Day One

Film Study Day Two

Butter Churn and Lamp Artifact Study

Depression Era Station Activity

Steinbeck Mobile Project

Right Vs. Wrong Narrative Prompt Graphic Organazier

Right Vs. Wrong Narrative Prompt

Research Project

Study Pack Pages 1-65

Study Pack Pages ages 66-98

Study Pack Last Chapter

Unit Exam Graphic Organizer

Short Story Unit (2014/2015)

Short Story Elements PowerPoint

Elements of a Short Story WS

The Most Dangerous Game Graphic Organizer

Sonata For Harp and Bicycle Graphic Organizer

Three Skeleton Key Graphic Organizer

The Scarlet Ibis Graphic Organizer

The Girl Who Can Graphic Organizer

Persuasive Paper (2012/2013)

Persuasive Writing Power Point

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Paper PreWriting Graphic Organizer

Persuasive Paper Scoring Guide


Personal Narrative Unit (2012/2013):

The Write Stuff – An Introduction to Writing (PowerPoint)

Pre-writing Pack: Planning the Personal Narrative (Word Document)

Personal Narrative Paper Guidelines (Word Document)

Creative Short Story (2012/2013)

Creative Writing Genre PowerPoint

Plot PowerPoint

Settings PowerPoint

What a Character! PowerPoint

What a Character! Activity Sheet

PreWriting Pack Creative Short Story

Creative Short Story Scoring Guide


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