About Mr. Foley

Born between blizzards in 1977, Scott William Foley grew up in Beardstown, IL.  At the tender age of four, his babysitter introduced him to the magnificent world of comic books and, more specifically, Batman.  By five, Foley regularly created his own comic books which his mother and father never failed to mark as the work of a genius.

In fourth grade, Foley’s teacher thrust him into the amazing world of Narnia, and these books, along with his predilection for comics, served as the catalyst for an explosion of the imagination.

By high school, Foley had become a Beardstown Tiger and participated in football, basketball, and track.  He also read feverishly, enjoying the work of Wells, Stoker, Shelley, Stevenson, Irving, James, Hugo, and Rice.  Amazingly, it would be several years before he discovered King.  A chronic doodler, Foley created dozens of characters he dreamt of writing and drawing one day.

In 1995, Foley attended Illinois State University, majoring in English.  Those years gave his raw imagination its first inkling of structure and nuance, thanks mostly to his creative composition classes and the work of Fitzgerald, Twain, Eliot, Shakespeare, Joyce, Forster, Heller, Burgess, and Rushdie.

During his time at ISU, Foley landed a job creating comic strips and political cartoons for the school newspaper.  His first strip was about a bungling superhero called The Adventures of Nut Hut, but, when ideas for Nut Hut waned, Foley created a new strip simply entitled Scooter.  Most of Scooter’s escapades were based upon Foley’s own misadventures.

Before graduating from Illinois State University in 1999, Foley decided he wanted to join the ranks of American Literature and thus embarked upon writing his first novel.  As do most great authors, he moved into his parents’ basement and expanded upon a short story he’d written during college.  He substitute taught during the day and wrote at night.  Within six months he’d finished the first draft of Souls Triumphant.  It would be five more years before it saw print.

As Foley sought to publish Souls Triumphant, he joined his brother in North Carolina, taking a high school teaching job in Gaston County.  There he discovered Stephen King and Neil Gaiman while in the South, and these two writers continue to influence Foley to this day.

Two years later, Foley returned to Central Illinois where he joined the faculty of Bloomington High School.  Within a few months he met his future wife—Kristen.

Without a doubt, one of Foley’s greatest moments came in July, 2008, when he and Kristen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  Foley decided to take a leave of absence from his teaching career to be a stay-at-home daddy, and he loved every minute of it.

Mr. Foley returned to BHS in Fall of 2010 and is extremely thankful to have such a great job of incredible importance.  He also began his Master’s in Reading, which he completed in 2014.

In April of 2012, another amazing moment occurred in Mr. Foley’s life when his second child was born.  Just when he thought his life could not get any better, along came this little girl who brings new levels of joy.

Mr. Foley currently likes reading Chabon, Proulx, Auster, Wolff, McCarthy, and anything with Batman in it.


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