Modern Fiction – April 20, 2018

-Genre Shift (Due Friday, April 27)

*If absent, download the brainstorm:  Genre Shift Brainstorm

*If absent, download the project guidelines:  Genre Shift Guidelines

-Book Talks

*This week …

Monday, April 16 = Chandler H.
Tuesday, April 17 = Dayne H.
Wednesday, April 18 =  Noah H.
Thursday, April 19 =  Jamie H.
Friday, April 20 =  Amber H.

Next week …

Monday, April 23 = Mortgan H
Tuesday, April 24 = Zavie J
Wednesday, April 25 = Caitlyn K
Thursday, April 26 = Richard L
Friday, April 27 = Noah M

*A copy of the requirements are available HERE

-Make-Up day

*Please use this day to make up any missing work for me

-Genre Requirement By End of Semester (50 pts Total/10 pts Per Genre)

• Read at least one book from five of the following genres …

o Young Adult Genre
o Graphic Novel Genre
o Fantasy/Horror Genre
o Science Fiction Genre
o Nonfiction Genre
o Contemporary Fiction Genre
o Classic Literature Genre

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