Modern Fiction – December 15, 2017

-The Future Is Now (Revisited) – Anyone Need To Hand In?

*If absent, download the requirements: The Future Is Now: Revisited

Book Talks

1st Period
Monday = Nyan
Tuesday = Nolan
Wednesday = CeCe
Thursday = Anna
Friday = Isabel

*Book talk guidelines: Book Talk Guidelines

-Leave Your Mark

*In-class activity

*If absent, download the activity HERE

+Be sure to use a thick paper for the project, such as card stock

-Let’s Review Project – Due December 19

*If absent, download Let’s Review Assignment

-Required Genres

*By the end of the semester, you need to have read FIVE of the listed genres …

o Young Adult Genre
o Graphic Novel Genre
o Fantasy/Horror Genre
o Science Fiction Genre
o Nonfiction Genre
o Contemporary Fiction Genre
o Classic Literature Genre

-All Reading Logs Due By December 22nd

*1,000 pages read

*5 of 7 genres completed

+Need a reading log?  Click on Daily Reading Log

-Finals Schedule

Wednesday, December 20th

Study Period from 12:31-12:45

7th Period – 12:45-2:15


Thursday, December 21st

1st Period -7:30-9:00

3rd Period – 9:10-10:40

A Lunch – 10:50-11:20

5th Period – 11:25-12:55


5th Period – 10:50-12:20

B Lunch – 12:25-12:55

Announcements – 12:55

Dismissal – 1:00


Friday, December 22nd

2nd Period -7:30-9:00

4th Period – 9:10-10:40

A Lunch – 10:50-11:20

6th Period – 11:25-12:55


6th Period – 10:50-12:20

B Lunch – 12:25-12:55

Announcements – 12:55

Dismissal – 1:00


DISMISSAL TIME FOR STUDENTS ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY WILL BE AT 1:00 PM.  Teacher’s workday will be the normal day.  In accordance with Board Policy, exempted seniors will not be required to be in attendance.  Refer to Student/Parent Handbook, pages19-20.  Mrs. Jarvis will provide a list of seniors who are exempt from Final Exams closer to exam dates.

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