Modern Fiction – April 20, 2017

-Book Talks

*2nd period …
Last Thursday = Tristen
Monday = Emma
Tuesday = Sierra
Wednesday = Joshua (postponed to Thursday)
Thursday = Eric
Friday = Antonio

*5th period …
Monday = Da’zon
Tuesday = Jacob G
Wednesday = Ian (postponed to Thursday)
Thursday = Emily
Friday = Tacoma

*You can find the requirements for the book talks here: Book Talk Guidelines

-Reading Time

*Spend 40 minutes reading during class

+Cell phones need to be put away

+Laptops should be closed

+Earbuds should be disengaged

*Need a reading log?  Click on Daily Reading Log


-Genre Shift (Due Friday, April 21)

*If absent, download the brainstorm: Genre Shift Brainstrom

*If absent, download the project guidelines: Genre Shift

-Newsela Article Of the Week

* Click title to read: Ocean world near Saturn top contender for life beyond Earth

*Take the quiz before Friday by clicking on the little light-bulb next to the article (4 pts. per quiz)

*If you haven’t yet, sign up for Newsela by visiting this link:

*2nd Period use code: EJYYWV

*5th Period use code: Y5EF96

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