Freshman English – October 7, 2017

Breaking News – The situation in Syria after chemical attack: what we know

Hand In John Steinbeck Mobile Project

*Download the guidelines here: Steinbeck Mobile Project

-Introduction to Eleanor Roosevelt

*Click HERE to learn more about Elanor Roosevelt

-In-Class Activity

*Read “Letters To Mrs. Roosevelt”

*Complete class activity sheet

*Discuss as a class

-Newsela Article Of the Week

*Click title to read: A brief, totally sincere history of April Fools’ Day

*Please choose the reading level for which you are most comfortable

*Take the quiz before Friday by clicking on the little light-bulb next to the article (4 pts. per quiz)

*4th Period use code: F8NEVN

*6th Period use code: QVZH3X

*7th Period use code: A2MVKR


*Select books, add to cart

*Check out using our class code: LF3Y4

*You can also choose to fill out the paper booklets

*Orders due Thursday, April 13



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