Freshman English – February 7, 2017

-Research Elizabethan Masquerade Balls

*Visit the following sites and answer the following questions on paper …


*Visit this site:

1. What did the masks allow the men and women to do while they wore them?

2. Why do you think Shakespeare used a masquerade ball in Romeo and Juliet?


*Visit this site:

3.  How does one choose what type of masks they should make or purchase?

4.  What are the different materials that are used to make the masks?


*Visit this site:

5.  Who was the King of England when masques first became popular?

6.  What relation was this person to Queen Elizabeth?

7.  What was considered unusual about royal women and masques?


*Visit this site:

8.  Where did masques originate?

9.  What role did religion play in Elizabethan  masques?


*Watch this video on how to make your own Masquerade mask:

10.  If you could make your own mask, what would you want it to look like?  Describe in great detail …


*Bring your own art supplies tomorrow – we’re making masks!

-Newsela Article Of the Week Due Friday

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