Freshmen English – January 20, 2017

-Today’s Shortened Schedule 

1St Hour        7:30-8:14
2nd Hour        8:18-9:02
3rd Hour        9:06-9:49
4th Hour      9:53-10:36
5th Hour      10:40-12:00A: 10:40-11:10

B: 11:10-11:40

C: 11:40-12:10

6th Hour      12:14-12:58
7th Hour        1:02-1:50

-Career Cruising Unit – Research Day

*Visit this site:

-For the user name, type in bl-(and then your lunch number)

-Use your normal school password as your password

-Conduct the research portion of your packet

Reminder …

– January 16 Research Careers

-January 17 Research Careers

-January 18 Work on Project

January 19 Work on Project

-January 20 Final work day. Project due at end of class.

-Presidential Inauguration

*If you would like to watch the inauguration, you can do so at this link:

+Be aware, you are still held accountable to assignment deadlines

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