Freshman English – December 2, 2016

-Make Your Myth Presentations

*Use this Student PPT Evaluation Sheet  to evaluate each presentation from you class period.  Follow all instructions on the evaluation sheet.

*4th Period

Aphrodite – Yasmine

Ares – Koby

Athena – Iyah

Cerberus – Matt

Charon – Joe

Medusa – Ariana

Medusa – Emily

Minotaur – Juan

Theseus – Bryon

Zeus – Keegan

Zeus – Logan

*6th Period

Aphrodite – Deaja

Artemis – Faith

Charon – Trevor

Charybdis – Jackson

Minotaur – Brandon

Minotaur – Kayanna

Poseidon – Anthony

The Sisters – Jordan

Charon – Tremayne

Medusa – Mecole (4th Period)

Poseidon – Dalton (4th Period)

The Sirens – Shay

*7th Period

Athena – Shania

Athena – Autumn

Cyclops – Caleb

Doinysus – Jordan

Hades – Dominique

Helios – Destiny

Hermes – Jose

Minotaur – Gemonte

Zeus – Bradley

Zeus – Christian

Medusa – Kenyon (4th Period)

Ares – LaShaun (6th Period)

Zeus – Jay (6th Period)


*Download the project description and scoring guideline HERE

+Model is due December 12th

-Newsela Article Of the Week

*Dear Science: Is listening with ear buds bad for your ears?

*Click title to read

*Choose any reading reading level

*Take the quiz worth 4 points

-Need Something Read To You?

*Visit this site to have difficult material read to you:

-Optional Newsela Article

*Dream Jobs: Beekeeper

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