Modern Fiction – November 18, 2016

-Book Talk

*This Week

+1st Period= (Gillian), Sydney, Vince

+3rd Period= (Jayda), Corissa, Payton, Abbigail, Kayleigh, Jesse

*The requirements are here: Book Talk Requirements

-Girl Power!

*A Brief Study Of Female Super Heroes: Click HERE

*Create your own female super hero character that will appeal to young girls

*If absent, create the hero using this sheet: Girl Power! Activity

*My daughters will choose first, second, and third places for each class

*The first-place winners in each class will win a dusty copy of THIS

-Tales For Tots

*Project due November 30

*Download the project: HERE

-Newsela Article Of the Week

*“Excellent” first meeting for Obama, Trump

*Click title to read

*Choose “MAX” reading level

*Take the quiz worth 4 points

-Optional Newsela Article

*Fast-food fan Trump could remake healthy school lunches

ACT Prep (Optional)

*Kaplan ACT Practice Question Of the Day

SAT Prep (Optional)

*Kaplan SAT Practice Question Of the Day

*22 SAT Sentence Completion Practice Tests

*37 SAT Literature Practice Tests


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