Freshman English – October 3, 2016

-Ghetto Life: 101

*Listen to the audio HERE

*You can follow along by reading the transcript HERE

*If absent, you can find the activity sheet by clicking HERE

-If necessary, finish American Born Chinese written exam (100 points/summative)

*Newsela articles

+Warner Bros. Expands Its Universe With DC SUPER HERO GIRLS

+Colin Kaepernick Protest Has 49ers Fans Burning Their Jerseys

+Is Disney’s portrayal of a Polynesian demigod culturally insensitive?

+Beyond the “Model Minority” Image: Asians In the U.S.

+N.C. governor declares state of emergency as Charlotte violence erupts

-Make Up Greek/Latin List #4?

*If you didn’t do it last Thursday, be sure to take the Greek/Latin List #4 quiz

*You can find it by clicking on Greek/Latin List #4

Newsela Article: What Hughes’ powerful poem “I, Too” tells us about America

*Click HERE to read this week’s Newsela article

*Choose the a reading level that is most comfortable for you

*Take the correlating quiz by Friday

-Study For Greek/Latin Lists #1 – #4 Mega Quiz

*Quiz will be multiple choice

*Quiz will be this Friday

*If absent download the list HERE

Very Interesting Article (Optional)

Disney pulls boy’s costume critics lambasted as “Polyface”

-Book orders (Optional)


*Select books, add to cart

*Check out using our class code: LF3Y4

*You can also choose to fill out the paper booklets

*Orders due Monday, October 10th

ACT Prep (Optional)

*Kaplan ACT Practice Question Of the Day

SAT Prep (Optional)

*Kaplan SAT Practice Question Of the Day

*22 SAT Sentence Completion Practice Tests

*37 SAT Literature Practice Tests

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