Freshmen English – September 22, 2016

-American Idol, William Hung, and Chin-Kee

*Click HERE to watch a video staring William Hung’s debut on American Idol

*Survey Monkey – Click HERE to answer if Gene Luen Yang spoofed this moment in American Born Chinese

+Click HERE for the definition of “spoof”

*What’s that very last page about anyway?  Click HERE!

*Learn more about William Hung HERE

*Learn more about American Idol HERE

*Learn more about Gene Luen Yang HERE


*Click on Kahoot.It!

Newsela Article: Beyond the “Model Minority” Image: Asians In the U.S.

*Click HERE to read this week’s Newsela article

*Choose any reading level most comfortable to you

*Take the correlating quiz by Friday

-Greek/Latin List #3

*Study the definitions for this week’s Greek/Latin stems

*Be prepared for a quiz on Friday

*If absent, download by clicking on Greek/Latin List #3

Extra Time In Class? (Optional)

*Play this game: Free Rice

+For every question you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program

*Play a quick video game starring the Monkey King by clicking HERE

Very Interesting Article (Optional)

Issue Overview: Racial profiling

ACT Prep (Optional)

*Kaplan ACT Practice Question Of the Day

SAT Prep (Optional)

*Kaplan SAT Practice Question Of the Day

*22 SAT Sentence Completion Practice Tests

*37 SAT Literature Practice Tests

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