Freshmen English – August 31, 2016

-In Class Activity (Continued – 15 minutes)

*Using the paper we provide and the markers we provide, finish creating a diagram depicting the essential 5 qualities of a super hero

+(Hint: consider “Googling” 5 qualities of a super hero)

*Connect the below list of super heroes to each of the qualities

+You determine the qualities

+Put each quality in a bubble or circle

+The diagram must be easy to read

+You need to use colors

+The diagram should be easy to interpret

+Each super hero must be used

+You determine the method of connecting super heroes to qualities (lines, arrows, etc.)

*Conduct internet research for these super heroes that you must include on your diagram include …



+Wonder Woman



+Black Widow

+Captain America





+Green Lantern

+Iron Man

+Scarlet Witch


-Create a Comic Strip

*We want you to experience the different aspects of making a comic strip






*Create your own comic strip using digital media or actual paper


+Digital options (choose whichever you want)

◊Make Beliefs Comix (allows you to email the image)

◊ReadWriteThink Comic Strip Generator (does not allow you to save)

◊Marvel Comics Create Your Own Comic Book

Strip Generator

◊ToonDoo Comic Book Maker

◊Chogger Comic Book Maker

◊Scholastic Graphix Comic Maker

+You can also choose to use regular paper, markers, etc.

◊To download, click Comic Strip Product Fall 2016



*We want you to read this article Warner Bros. Expands Its Universe With DC SUPER HERO GIRLS by Friday

+For now, you choose the LEXILE difficulty (510 is the easiest, MAX is the hardest)

Extra Time In Class?

*Play this game: Free Rice

+For every question you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program

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