Modern Fiction – August 19, 2016


*Mr. Foley

*Modern Fiction

-Retrieve laptops

*Alphabetical order by last name

*Go to auditorium

*Wait in line

*Sit in first few rows after receiving laptop

*Come back to class and plug in

-Sign in on your computer

*I have user names and passwords if you forgot

-Create a “Modern Fiction” folder

*Click “start” menu in lower left of screen

*Click “computer” in middle of second column

*Click on “H:” drive in the middle of pop up screen (your last name and first initial will be in front of the “H:”

*Click on “New Folder”

*A highlighted blue box will appear; type in “Modern Fiction”

*Congratulations!  You will save any documents and pictures pertaining to class in this folder


-Bookmark our class website

*Click on this link:

*There is a star in the top right (if facing) corner of the web address bar – click it

*A new box will appear – click “done”

*Our site will now appear directly below your address bar


-Review syllabus

*Get hardcopy

*Click HERE to download



-Open your email

*In the bottom left area of your screen (if facing), there is a blue “O” with an envelope next to it

*It is your Outlook email, the main email teachers will use to reach you – check it often

*Click on this icon

*Follow onscreen instructions that appear next

*Email Mr. Foley right now using this address

*Put your full name in the subject line, then send


-Remind 101 App (voluntary)

*text @modernfict to 81010 to join


-Book orders (voluntary)


*Select books, add to cart

*Check out using our class code: LF3Y4

*You can also choose to fill out the paper booklets

*Orders due Friday, August 26th


-Next week

*Talk about last semester’s most popular books

*In class essay about graduation plans

*Select books to read

*Begin reading




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