Freshmen English – August 19, 2016

      • Welcome!
        • Introduction to Mrs. Marcy
        • Introduction to Mr. Foley
        • Get to know each other activity at end of class

    • Rules
      • Cell phones
      • Tardies
      • Profanity
      • Bathroom passes
      • Laptop use
      • Be nice

    • Sign in on your computer – see us for username and password if you’re not sure

    • Create a “Freshmen English” folder
      • Click “start” menu in lower left of screen
      • Click “computer” in middle of second column
      • Click on “H:” drive in the middle of pop up screen (your last name and first initial will be in front of the “H:”
      • Click on “New Folder”
      • A highlighted blue box will appear; type in “Freshmen English”
      • Congratulations!  You will save any documents and pictures pertaining to class in this folder

    • Bookmark our class website
      • Click on this link:
      • There is a star in the top right (if facing) corner of the web address bar – click it
      • A new box will appear – click “done”
      • Our site will now appear directly below your address bar

    • Open your email
      • In the bottom left area of your screen (if facing), there is a blue “O” with an envelope next to it
      • It is your Outlook email, the main email teachers will use to reach you – check it often
      • Click on this icon
      • Follow onscreen instructions that appear next
      • Email Mr. Foley right now using this address
        • Put your full name in the subject line
      • Email Mrs. Marcy right now using this address
        • Put your full name in the subject line

    • Visit Turn It
      • click on this link:
      • Click on the “create account” link at the upper right hand corner of the page
      • Go to “create a new account,” and click that it will be a Student accoun
      • Enter your school email address
      • We will always use your school email address at this site
      • Log in
      • Cut and paste the code appropriate to your particular class
        • 4th Period Class ID:  13079939
        • 6th Period Class ID:  13079950
        • 7th Period Class ID:  13079981
        • PASSWORD: Foley

  • Getting To Know Each Other
    • Click on the following link:
    • Use your real first name for the “nickname”
    • Tell us one interesting thing you did this summer


  • Visit the school’s “Digital Citizenship” by clicking HERE
  • Choose one resource highlighted in blue to explore
  • Be prepared to discuss what you learned about being a good online citizen
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